Monday, July 13, 2009

Some new Heads Up App Stuff

We may do a minor update (soon?) with a few new things in Heads Up: Hold'em.

I made a deck of cards designed just for 1-player games which are not reversible but allow for bigger pictures. (Shown below) This screenshot also shows the "Devious Deb" card protector. Unlike the real-life Deb who is a very solid & straightforward poker player, this AI-player will be erratic--betting very small or large amounts, and slowplaying & bluffing a high percentage of the time.

We are also (finally) including the option to use a 4-color deck. This was one of the first requests from real-life "Luckbox Larry" when he and I played the cards-only version with real chips during the development before the initial release. Incidentally, he won $10 (2*$5) off me in that game, plus I bought him lunch.

Another professional poker player has requested to be included, he's mostly a PLO player--including a WSOP final table a few years ago, so I'm hoping to add a pot-limit (holdem) option and his AI would only play pot-limit. :-) No guarantees on this yet...