Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I booked a $236 win (playing $4-$8 limit hold-em) yesterday playing at Diamond Lil's in Renton. This was my first substantial live-poker win in...a long time. (Been running bad in live-play recently, so haven't been playing very much.)

Apparently, I hit a 1-outer on the river to make A-A-A-Q-Q and beat both Q-Q-Q-x-x and an Ace-high flush. In my defence, I had pocket Aces, and am just not a good enough player to fold them on the turn for $8 even with Q-Q and 3 spades on board when playing against typical 4-8 idio...opponents. (Although the guy who claimed to have the Ace high flush--I didn't see his cards--seemed to be a pretty good player who got very unlucky yesterday.)

I was dealt K-K on two consecutive hands, and they held up both times.
I also made Q-Q-Q against 3-3-3 and won a lot of money there.
However my 4-4 on a board of 3-4-10 went down when 5-6 (who called from early position!?) made his straight with a 2 on the turn... Such is low limit poker. (And high limit poker, too.)

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