Friday, February 22, 2008

What's Happening in my Attic, Part 2

This was too good to wait...

Remember in Part 1, you saw the big bolt holding the two valley beams to the ridge beam that was supported by a couple 2x6's. Well, now we're going to look at the bottom of those 2x6's:

Look closely here: The enourmous column behind the 2x6s and the enourmous hunk of wood (4x10 or 4x12) that they are sitting on is all new. So ignore that for now. Look just at the three 2x6s that are nailed together. They are sitting on a horizontal scrap of 2x4 which is floating off the edge of the base 2x4. What this means is that TWO-THIRDS of this old 'support column' was being supported by....AIR! Wow.

Here we see the view from the other side. Again the big 4x10 base and the double 2x12 sandwich (on the left) just went in today! (They were going in as these pictures were taken, in fact!) Before that, it was just this floating column on the right that was holding things up.
Here is a side view of the new double 2x12 plus plywood sandwich that will be holding my roof up from now on. Note the tight fit and crazy angle of the metal/wood connection to make things strong. Yes, in this case, the crazy angle is a GOOD THING because it means that the straight and level new column fits tightly onto the old angled valley beams. That's some quality workmanship!
And an overview of the new and improved center support column. Nice!

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