Friday, March 7, 2008

Item Number 76

Here's a short break from my attic and patio saga. This picture was taken at the National Museum in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I don't know if this picture is supposed to be funny or scary. If you were to ask, my answer would be "yes."

So, a couple weeks ago I showed a picture of an exploded truck, and now I have a booklet on how to deal with incendiary bombs... I guess my silly blog just made the FBI watch list, huh...

Hello, Mr. or Ms. FBI person: Don't be scared of me, just because my blog contains the phrase "incendiary bombs" which triggered your text-scanning computer. I'm just showing the public that it is possible to deal with difficult issues, like incendiary bombs. Just look at the full title of this historical short booklet. Don't be frightened of me. I'm not out to get anyone. I pay my taxes. In fact, my taxes are paying your salary while you to read this. They also helped pay for the text-scanning computer that brought this whole false-positive-alert to your attention in the first place. In that way, you can think of me as a hero, really. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my congratulatory FBI metal and/or plaque. (I'm sure you already know the address.)

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