Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Doing Something Right

But I have no clue what that is!

I saw this little widget on someone else's blog and for a laugh, I decided to see how much it thought my blog was worth. I expected it to say something like $0. or $0.08 or something like that. Oh no! It claims my blog is worth over $500!!!
$564.54 to be exact (on 4/29/08), but that number may change between when I type this and when the massive hordes readers who I didn't know existed will read it.

Then I thought I was on to their game: clearly they're just padding results to make everyone feel good, right? So I entered Mike's blog into their system. (http://michael.burford.net/) and his blog is worth $0!!!


Maybe his blog may be worth more now that a super-popular $564 blog like mine is linking to it.

Apparently, the various goings on with the repairs on my house and obscure ramblings about web design and low-stakes poker are a lot more poular that I thought they were!

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