Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advanced Star Wars Trivial Pursuit & Wii Boom Blox

Shawn visited from LA for Thanksgiving. We had a great time, and played some marathon sessions of Wii Boom Blox and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. By the second or third day, we started adding additional rules to make the games more challenging.

In fact, we added the rules to the SW Trivial Pursuit game in the middle of the first turn, when it looked like I was going to run the board on Shawn (having won the roll to go first and then gotten about 15 answers right without a miss).

So, here are our new rules:

Advanced Star Wars Trivial Pursuit:
  • Gaining a 'pie wedge' ends your turn. Thus each player can only gain 1 wedge per turn--and no player can run the board on the other.
  • To win the game (in the center of the board after filling up) the player must answer every question on the card correctly. Not just the 1 category chosen by the opponent.
  • You do not need to leave and return to the center after a failed win attempt. The piece just stays there and a new card is drawn on subsequent turns.
Even with these rules in place, this was the fastest game of trivial pursuit we had ever played. (Yea, we're both major Star Wars geeks--at least for the classic trilogy.)

Advanced multi-player Wii Boom Blox:
  • On 'throw' levels and some 'pull' levels: You cannot aim at the top block of the tower.
  • On other 'pull' levels: You must dislodge (or substantially move) at least one other block in addition to the one you are pulling.
  • On other 'pull' levels: You must pull the lowest possible block that will not obviously topple the tower. (This makes for a very quick game.)
  • On the frame 'knock out' levels: You can not aim at the highest-value block. Or, alternately: You must aim for one of the lowest-value blocks.
Enjoy! Happy gaming.

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