Friday, June 12, 2009

iPhone Piracy

Ok, so our latest app, Poker vs. Girls was recently released. It's based on Heads Up:Hold'em with sexy pictures added. Marketing genius, I know.

It also includes an 'update check' which we will use to notify people when an update is released. From a technical standpoint, it's similar to the advertising shown in the free version of Heads Up: Hold'em except we aren't using it to show ads because it is a paid app and not a free app.

However, one of the bits of information given to our server tells us if the copy is legitimate or pirated.

On the first day of release, about 30% of the update checks came from pirated copies of the game. I thought that was shocking.

However, that wasn't nearly as shocking as the fact that on the second day of release, pirated copies of the software accounted for 95% of the update checks.

That's right:
For every copy of the game that is sold, 19 - 20 copies are stolen!

Chew on that for a while...

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