Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 21, 2010: Sexy iPhone apps...what's left

Two days ago "Poker vs. Girls" and "Poker vs. Guys" were pulled from the AppStore due to 'overt sexual content.' They weren't alone. There was a purge of hundreds (thousands?) of other apps.

Sadly, the degenerate gambling aspects of our game could not overcome the PG13 pictures we had attached to it. If you would still like to enjoy the gambling part, you can do so with our 2ND PLACE AWARD WINNING app Heads Up: Hold'em!

So what's left? Well, I ran some searches using one of our other tools and got some interesting results.

NOTE: These results are based on apps which had been (at some point) in the top 200 of their category and are no longer there. If an App is not in the top 200, but is still in the AppStore, I it may slip through these (unscientific) results...

Search Results Remaining Comment
boob/boobs 105 0
stripper 2 0
hottest 11 0* One non-sexy app remains.
butts 7 0
butt 93 0* "Button" mixed in results. No "butt" apps remain on charts.
hottie 35 1
models 31 1
strip 57 2* "Air Strip" and "Stripe" mixed in results. Those aren't counted here.
hot girl 134 2
Bikini 129 2
nude 9 5
girls 349 19* Most remaining ones are 'sexy' apps. Some not.
sexy 439 63* Mix of things here. Not just gallery apps.
sex 580 127* Big mix of things here.

swimsuit 9 4 3 of the 4 remaining apps are Sports Illustrated.
Playboy 1 1 Playboy app didn't show up on any other results...
Maxim 26 2* "Maximum" mixed in results. "MAXIM Hometown Hotties" removed. Two other MAXIM titles remain.

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