Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Expat's Guide to Visiting London

(Dec. 2013)
Alice and I are about to move to Singapore after living in London for nearly three years.

Over that time, we've hosted lots of friends.  Seen lots of sights.  Been to lots of great restaurants and pubs.  And dealt with a lot of jet lag.

We assembled a 1-page list of London highlights and would send it to people before they arrived.  The list was too much for anyone to see on a typical visit, but hopefully could help them prioritize based on their interests.

I'm going to expand that list on this blog series and also give some info for my friends visiting London in the future.  And anyone else who cares to listen to me.

But my first piece of advice is:
If you're unsure of something, ask someone who lives here.
My second, and possibly most important advice of all is:
If someone who lives here gives you advice, follow it.
And stand on the right hand side of the escalator! 

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