Monday, November 3, 2008

ContactClone Video

Watch my video!

This was done to show off our new iPhone software, ContactClone and ContactClone Pro.
I tried (several times) to get a decent video using both a webcam and an actual video camera and nothing worked. The lighting was always terrible, and the iPhone screen was usually blurry. So I animated the thing in Flash using screenshots. It worked great!

And it was the first time I'd really used Flash in 10 years!! And WHO KNEW THAT THIS WAS STILL ON THE WEB!
I didn't. It's kind of fun to watch some crazy stuff you did a long time ago and had nearly forgotten about.
NOTE: Clip Art Theater contains scenes of explicit cartoon violence and is not for the the weak of comedy.

1 comment:

gtrotter said...


I tried to copy Contacts from one iPhone to another. Both have ContactClone and open ok: ¨A¨ with the Contact info and ¨B¨ where I want to copy to.

When I type the code from ¨A¨ into ¨B¨, I get there for 2 seconds the message ¨loading...¨ and after that ¨B¨ closes ContactClone!

Can you tell me what´s wronh?