Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not a Tourist 2

Katie (the dog) is here! YAY. She's suffering doggie jet lag. Exhausted by what would have been a very stressful and confusing journey. But she's here now.

We're starting to settle in, but still only sleeping a few hours each night due to jet lag ourselves.

The temporary apartment is very small, but we're managing just fine. We will probably do a load of laundry nearly every day to keep up with the combination of limited space and limited washing machine capacity.

We are already noticing (as we had been warned) that there would be a million little differences and just doing everyday tasks will require more thought. Like grocery shopping. All our lives the grocery stores have looked about the same and had more or less the same brands and the same things. Every once in a while something new would arrive and something would disappear, and something would change labels, but it would be only one or a few at a time in an otherwise recognizable store. Here, they have mostly the same stuff, but it is mostly different brand names, different packages, different organization, and sometimes under a different name. And then you are mentally converting all the prices over to figure out what things cost.

I wonder (and will mention here if I'm still doing this) when I will just think in pounds and won't need to convert things into dollars to know a price.

Even the vegetarian sausages taste like British vegetarian sausages. Actually they are quite good and taste almost like real British sausages, but its just different than American sausages.

(Ok, I meant to write more, but didn't. It's now the next day from when I wrote all that, so I'll just post it and start Part 3.)

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