Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Greatest Sign in the World

This is the greatest sign in the world, even though it remains largely unnoticed and unconsidered above Platform 2 at the Putney Rail Station. It may be difficult to understand why this is the greatest sign in the word from this (admittedly not-too-great) photo, so I will explain.
  • "OFF" is not a digital display or a rotating panel that can be changed. The interior card is punched metal and fastened in place.
  • The only thing the sign can ever say is "OFF."
  • The sign is 2-sided, and both sides say "OFF."
  • There is a single light bulb in the center which powers both sides of the sign.
  • There is no other information about this sign that isn't shown in the photograph.

Which means that this sign can exist in two states:
LIGHT ON indicating OFF.
LIGHT OFF indicating NOT OFF.

I rest my case.

1 comment:

William C Bonner said...

There's not a matching ICE sign that was supposed to hang under the OFF sign?