Friday, March 20, 2009

San Francisco - Fitness Conference and Fun

Spent the week in San Francisco at a fitness conference. I was there representing which is a joint-project between Mike, Dan Maxwell, and myself. It was kind of strange since I don't really know much about the fitness industry. Dan is the one who knows fitness and Mike & I know software. It's a combination that works really well for our company, but when talking to fitness people; I mostly pointed them toward Dan. Also worked well since Dan is also the (much) better salesman.

Anyway, there are some crazy fitness fads out there. One company was essentially selling nylon tie-down straps with handles sewn on the ends for $300 a set.

There were any number of pieces of equipment that seemed like little more than a pillow on a stool similar random thingamabob.

Several companies were claiming that doing squats on a vibrating platform would make you work harder. Dan didn't think so, although a nice foot massage while working out probably feels good.

The hand-operated bike (spinning) things seemed like the big new fad that I hadn't seen before. When I first saw the machine on a big banner I asked Dan if it rotated down or if it was an inverted exercise bike. He thought it was for people in rehab who couldn't work their lower body (Broken leg, for example.) But it was a big thing all around, once we got inside...

The Stripper-pole workout system was a lot of fun to watch. It's difficult to imagine a gym installing a line of stripper poles next to their StairMasters. I'm not saying they shouldn't!

Anyway; it was a good time, and SF is always great! I'm right now sitting in Starbucks waiting for Alice to arrive from the airport. Then we get to spend a fun weekend on the town. Catch ya later!

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