Monday, March 2, 2009

My iPhone Apps

Wow, Mike and I really do have a lot of stuff on iTunes. We have been showing advertising in one of our free apps: iHourglass Free and recently switched from showing regular advertising from an ad-network to showing our own advertising system which currently just shows our other software. It would be easy (if it isn't already done) to convert this into an advertising system which other developers could either buy for their own use, or subscribe to. Not to shabby... But since everyone loves advertising. Here's what we have:

Our first, and our strongest app. An FTP client with a built-in text editor so web developers can make changes to their sites from anywhere. For some people this is the iPhone's killer app.
FTP On The Go in AppStore
FTP On The Go Website

A grab-bag of 20 apps in one. It seemed like a better way to doing 'small & silly' apps rather than selling them separately. Includes lite versions of some of our other things.
We think this one has the best chance of being featured by Apple and really taking off! (Strange to aspire to the Koi Pond app...)
iCatchall in AppStore
iCatchall Website

Began life as a feature in FTP On The Go, and was so cool it became its own app.
Wireless Storage. Uses a web-based access, so you don't need install any software on the computer(s) you are connecting with. It also works great for single-use media that you don't want to have to roll through iTunes and the sync process. Like if you want to hear a single podcast show without subscribing. Or watch a video for a plane ride and then delete it.
Wifi Disk in AppStore
WiFi Disk Website

Ever since the beta, my poker group has used this for our home tournaments. Easy to use, very versatile, and stylish. If you play home poker tournaments, get this!
Five-Deuce Poker Tournament Timer in AppStore
Five-Deuce Poker Tournament Timer Website

Began as a feature in iCatchall and grew into its own app. A very simple but fun and addictive game. Which gets very hard once you score about 700 points...
Kitchen Sink in AppStore
Kitchen Sink Website

The business version of iCatchall. It includes all the useful stuff, and removes the silly novelty stuff.
iCatchall Tools in AppStore
iCatchall Tools Website

This one also began as a function of FTP On The Go.
Lets you instantly upload pictures you take with your iPhone.
FTP Picture Upload in AppStore

This one should be much more popular than it is! It lets you share contact information from your iPhone's address book over a WiFi network with someone else's iPhone contacts.
ContactClone Pro in AppStore
ContactClone Free in AppStore
ContactClone Website

An alternate version of WiFi Disk with a sillier name.
AirFloppy in AppStore

Not pictured...
An Hourglass Timer

iHourglass Free
The free version of iHourglass.
Ironically, this is (BY FAR) our most-downloaded software. The power of being free...

Let's you 'hide' a picture and text until a certain date (like a birthday).
This one never really caught on much. This was also one of our earliest Apps, so if we go back for an update, it will be MUCH improved...

There you have it! Not bad for a couple guys working from home.

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