Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heads Up: Hold'em version 1.1(a)

The concept progresses...

We changed from a Slider (like on PokerStars, Full Tilt, & all online poker sites) to a "Spinner" which we think will work better on the iPhone. It allows for both fast swipes to throw in lots of chips and also a lot of precision even with very deep stacks.

When the spinner stops for some TBD fraction of a second; the chips between the 'bet pile' and the 'stack' will adjust themselves. Then you push the bet pile in to place the bet.

Dealing in this version of the game will happen automatically when the last bet is called or when it is checked through.

The dealer button may get cut (or cropped off the side of the screen), because there isn't a lot of room for everything. The deck itself can indicate the dealer--as in the current version.

NOTE: This will essentially become two games in one. The current version (without chips--to be used with real-world betting) will remain pretty much as-is. With this being basically a 2nd game that looks similar.

Current development (3/26/09):
  • The spinner is in place, but not tied in to betting yet.
  • Rudimentary betting (using the old slider) is working to a point; but needs refining and is now just numbers with no chips attached.
  • Turns and automatic dealing works, but not for preflop peculiarities yet.

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