Monday, May 11, 2009

Heads Up: Hold'em version 2 IS AVAILABLE!!

Version 2 of Heads Up: Hold'em is in the AppStore now!
GET IT (iTunes link)

I really hope everyone enjoys it.
If you do like it, please write us a review on iTunes. Version 1 got panned a bit for not having chips and the 1-player game. We've 'fixed' those things now, but people rarely go back to re-review...

What's next:
  • More (and better) AI personalities.
  • Hopefully bluetooth (and WiFi) support when OS-3 is out to allow play on 2 iPhones.
  • Maybe some kind of online leader board. (?)
  • More ideas that we're keeping to ourselves for now. :-)

I also hope everyone following this blog for poker software updates enjoyed my tourist pictures from England...
For what it's worth, I won £175 playing £1-£1 at the Grosvenor Victoria (Old Vic) Casino.
On my very first hand of poker in England, I was dealt A-A. The flop came A-K-7, and was bet into enough to put me all-in. The turn was another king to give me A-A-A-K-K. Welcome to the country! (Sadly, I'd only bought-in for the minimum in order to get a feel for the table. I could have won a lot more on this hand...)
I also sold a copy of
iCatchall to one of my friends there. Does that make it a business trip?

PS: The picture is from the plane home. A nice "REALLY??? I flop a full-house and then THIS happens" moment.


Unknown said...

Dear Peter,

Version 2.0 of this app is great! I love it, just want to report a bug to you and submit my suggestion.

I customised the top card guard as a red chip and the bottom as a black chip, but everytime I load the 2-player with chips mode, the card guards appear to be two black chips, and I have to triple tap to go out to the menu and resume game to get the red chip. So I think this is a bug.

I love your bluetooth idea and I suggest about to add WiFi connection as well. Anyway, my suggestion is, as sometimes we want to pause a game with the AI and play a game with our friends using this app, we cannot do that now because we have to end the current AI game in order to use the 2-player mode or cards only mode, so I suggest that you add a function to save the AI game, but we can still use the app to play a game with our friends and then come back to the AI later at night in the bed before going to sleep! Just a suggestion though.


Unknown said...


You're right about the chip color bug. I think the top chip always shows as black (the default) when starting a new game. Will be fixed in the next version.

It also sounds perfectly reasonable to suspend a 1-player game to play 2-player and then return to it later. We'll add that to the 'to-do' list.

Unknown said...

Dear Peter,

Thanks for replying the comments. I an wait for the next update!

Johnson James CHIN