Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heads Up: HD Available Now

Heads Up: Hold'em HD was approved late last night. If you've got an iPad, it's pretty great!

The winning-hand-glow will be added to the iPhone version(s) very soon! Seeing the glow in action was a "Why didn't we do that a year ago" moment.

Why does it give me joy that the "Settings" button has the king stabbing himself in the head? I don't know... (But I'm the guy who made the settings button, so it wasn't just an accident.) And it gives me further joy that it kind of looks like a swordless hilt on the dark background...


Unknown said...

Dear Peter,

I love the idea of playing heads up and not having to shuffle the cards manually every time :)

Although it would be nice to use real life chips for betting, instead of digital chips.. is it possible to use the cards from the iPad game, and use real-life chips?

Keep up the great work,


Unknown said...

Yes. It's called the "Cards Only" game and is found in the 2-player section on both the iPad and iPhone versions of Heads Up. It will just shuffle and deal cards and you can use real chips. (Cards Only does not support wireless games, just shared-screen.)

Several times my poker group has switched to the iPad when our home-tournaments have gotten down to heads-up when no one wanted to deal.

Unknown said...

That is just amazing... I believe millions of people are in need of this app, part of them without knowing it :)

Advantages are numerous...

- no more manual shuffling
- no more time consuming by shuffling
- no more cheating by shuffling or marking cards
- automatic blinds
- and a lot more :)

Will you make a version for 3 or 4 players as well? It would be great to just sit on a table, having a drink together, and play cards at online speeds :)