Monday, April 12, 2010

Heads Up (HD) (soon)

It's still preliminary, but the iPad version of Heads Up: Hold'em is coming along nicely!

One irony is that I haven't actually played it yet (Mike has) because I'm waiting for the 3G iPad. I'll probably go play the game on Mike's iPad in a day or two when a few more changes have gone in.

It is looking pretty cool! The cards look more like a real deck of cards. You can see the chips a lot better. (And you can really see how grimy and gross I made the cash-game chips--just like in real-life.)

The plan is that the controls will work about the same as the iPhone, but moved around a bit so it can be operated using your thumbs while holding an iPad in both hands...

It will feature at least one new (exclusive) card protector for winning a hand with Jh-Js (the game's logo) and possibly also an "Aces Cracked" award which *should* have been in the iPhone version already. :-)

Bluetooth games will be compatible with the iPhone version.

Look for it soon!!

PS: Version 3 of the free iPhone version is submitted and should also be available soon...

PSS: Camera for iPad has been getting lots of press and is one of the top iPad photography apps. It lets you use an iPhone as a wireless camera for an iPad (or iPod touch).

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