Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heads Up: HD submitted

Heads Up: Hold'em HD for the iPad is submitted to Apple and should appear in the AppStore very soon! I played yesterday's build on Mike's iPad and it is extremely cool. We added a few fun iPad exclusive things, such as:

Much bigger and more 'real' looking cards. This is a big improvement with the additional screen real-estate. We didn't need to stylize the cards like on the small iPhone screen. The player's cards and the board cards are all the same size. Just like in real-life.

We added a glow to the winning 5-cards. (Not so "just like in real life.") This will probably be added to the iPhone game in the next update. And will (hopefully) cut down the confused emails from people who don't understand when their pocket pair gets counterfeited.

Chips show in your "Stack" so you don't just have a number to go by. We also added so pushing in your stack pile will go all-in without needing to spin the chips over into your bet pile.

Bluetooth covers all versions of the game. so iPad vs. iPhone/iPod works.

We added a "$1k Flip" as a bonus (totally skill based) game against Money Mark. You each throw $1000 into the pot and deal the cards to see who gets it. Flip4rollz, baby!
This idea had been around for a while as something fun and silly to do but we just over-thought it and anticipated that it would mean writing a special-case game... All we had to do was set a crazy structure: $1000 buy-in, $1000 stacks, and blinds at $1000-$2000. Let the regular game rules take it from there. With the Play-Again button, you can mindlessly gamble all day!

We added a game-logo card protector for winning a hand with Jh-Js. These cards also are modified in the deck to look like each half of the game's logo. (The first version of this card protector was in a square border, but it was unplayable because you always thought you had been dealt a jack when it was sitting on top of your cards...)

This one should have been in the iPhone version, but we just plain forgot. An "Aces Cracked" card protector.

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